Professional Version 10.0 by Midnight Software, Inc.

Can DeltaCad make a .pdf file?
The Windows version of DeltaCad cannot directly create a .pdf file, but you can install a .pdf printer driver, and then print your drawing to a .pdf file. If you purchase Adobe Acrobat (not just Acrobat Reader), it comes with a .pdf printer driver. There are also other .pdf printer drivers available on the internet, but we don't have any specific info. on them.
To make a .pdf file with the Mac version of DeltaCad, pick Print from the File menu, then pick the PDF button.

Why does DeltaCad lock up?
The most common reason for DeltaCad to lock up is having the wrong video driver for your video card. The video driver must be the correct driver for the video card, and it must be the correct driver for the version of Windows that you are using. If you experience random problems I would suggest making sure you have the latest version of the video driver for your video card.
You can also get the same problem from a bad printer driver.

Why does it print blank paper?
There are two common ways to print blank paper:
Why is the screen blank when I open my drawing?
The default startup option for DeltaCad is to zoom out to see the entire drawing. This can cause problems if you have accidentally drawn an object way out in space. To fix the problem, you can find the object out in space, and delete it. Or, you can pick Drawing Init. Size and Pos from the Options menu, and tell DeltaCad exactly what part of the drawing to display when it is opened. To help find the drawing when DeltaCad is zoomed way out, pick the "Find Drawing" button on the View toolbar tab.

How do I reload my copy of DeltaCad?
To re-install your copy of DeltaCad, goto , then enter your order number, and authorization codes.

Do I have the latest patch?
To find the build date for your copy of DeltaCad, pick About DeltaCad from the Help menu. The build date will be shown at the bottom left corner of the popup window. Then goto and see if you have the latest build date.

Why does DeltaCad freeze for a few seconds periodically?
If you have Autosave turned on, DeltaCad will save a copy of the drawing that you are working on periodically. If you are working on a very large drawing, or a drawing with a lot of included graphics this can be a little annoying, and you may want to turn off the Autosave feature. Pick Options/Autosave from the Options menu to change the autosave time interval, or to turn it off.

Why isn't my print to scale?
The default print region in DeltaCad is setup to print the entire drawing, and to scale it to fit the printer paper. To have your drawing print exactly to scale, you will need to define a print area, and a print scale. Pick Set Print Region from the File menu, then enter a print area, and a print scale. If the print scale it set to 0.0, the drawing will be scaled to fit the printer paper. If all of the print area settings are set to zero, the entire drawing will be printed.

What is the easiest way to define a print area?
To define a print area, zoom out so you can see what you want to print. Then use the "S" toolbar button on the Select toolbar tab, and use the mouse to select the rectangle that you to print. Then press the ESC key to unselect all. Then pick Set Print Region from the File menu, and pick the Set to Last Select button. This will fill in the print area fields with the last selected rectangle.

How do I set the drawing scale?
Text and Dimension text size, and Dimension arrow lengths, are all scaled with the drawing scale, so it is important to set it correctly. To set the drawing scale, pick Drawing Scale/Units from the Options menu. If you have just started a new drawing (and still have the drawing scale set to 1.0), zoom out so you can see the entire drawing, then look at the View Scale (located at the bottom of the DeltaCad window). The use that number for the new drawing scale. So, for example, if you draw your drawing, and zoom out and have View Sclae of 45.345, try setting the drawing scale to the nearest standard drawing scale, or 48.

Why are dashed lines are being displayed like solid lines?
The lengths of the dashes and gaps in dashed lines, and the line thicknesses are scaled with the drawing scale, so if your dashed lines are looking like solid lines or are too thin, you will need to increase the drawing scale. You can also change the lengths in the drawing data. Pick Drawing Data from the Options menu. The actual lengths used will be the length from the drawing data times the drawing scale.

Why are text, dimensions, and dimension arrows too small to see?
Text, Dimension Text, and Dimension Arrow lengths are all scaled with the drawing scale. If they are all too small you will need to increase the drawing scale.

How do I make DeltaCad startup with metric units?
When DeltaCad starts up, it opens the default.dc drawing to use as a template. To make DeltaCad startup with metric units you will need to start DeltaCad, open the default.dc drawing, change it to whatever units that you want, save it, then exit DeltaCad. The default.dc drawing is located in the C:\Program Files\DeltaCad\New folder.

How do I change the default toolbar startup items (color, linetype, lineweight, etc)?
The default startup toolbar options can be changed by picking one of the Options menu items on the Options menu.

How do I draw a bolt circle?
To draw a bolt circle: